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"I cannot exist ... without something bigger than me, something that fills my whole life - without creative power ..."Vincent Van Gogh

Hi! My name is Katya Kononenko. This is my art path:● 2020 - Art management on-line course by Oksana Prinus● 2018-2019 - Contemporary art courses by Andriy Bludov in Karas Gallery, Kyiv● 2015 - Chinese art courses with Chinese artist ● 2013 - Art courses, European School of Design, Kyiv● 2012 - masters degree, Psychology faculty, Kyiv National University named Tarasa Shevchenko ● 2009-2012 - a member of Ukrainian Art-therapy association● 2010 - volunteer art therapist, Rehabilitation Centre 

I am engaged in abstraction, using open bright colors, simple shapes, clear lines, textures. I work with oil, acrylic on canvas, use mixed media, ink on paper.I was born in Ukraine. I have a master's degree in Psychology. I've studied color and art therapy. Archetypes, ego-states, existential issues of individuality in society, along with nature and in social life - the leading research themes for me.The process of creating an artwork is a collaboration-experiment of the idea, selected materials, and spiritualization of the product of creativity.
The result of the work is not only the created art object, also the transformed reality around and inside me. I accept the fact that the world is constantly changing and I am in it too.
I live and work in Kyiv.

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Hommage is defined as something expressive done in honor of a person using elements of their style. So I painted these artworks to express my respect for the artists that I like.

Ink on paper

There are you can find 2 Series of Ink on Paper drawings. The First one - I was inspired by the Inktober - an art festival in social media. I am feeling that I am a kid who studying how to write her first words and phrases. I feel a magic relationship with ink as a media. You can find abstract landscapes, abstractions with lines. I work through themes of nature, weather, elements with my anxiety and finding stabilization and support in all this simple lines.
The "Relationships" Series consists of expressive drawings-episodes from relationships life: Bachelor and Bachelorette parties, Wedding, Honeymoon and Conflict. As usual, I took The Molecula and The Petal as the main heroes in my ideas.


This is my Self-portraits Series.I was talking with my mom and making some abstract sketch with The Petal and The Molecule. In a few minutes, I found, that I had done the portrait. So I named it Self portrait: The Abstract Adult.I remembered the theory of 3 person's roles by Eric Bern: Adult, Child, and Parent. So I made 3 Self-portraits

Art Play "Back to yourself", Part 3

The previous story (Art Play "Freedom") has ended as The Petal and The Molecule choose two different paths. What happened next?
The 3rd Art Play "Back to yourself" tells the story of the restoration of The Petal and her path of self-knowledge, which she must discover alone.
So, my 3rd part of the lyrical Art Play is "Back to yourself" in three acts.
The characters:The August Petal of The Sunflower (The Petal) - female,Canvas - space,Colors, Shapes - the inner world of The Petal.Texture - the character of The Petal
Act One "Prints"The Petal is left alone with herself and begins to know her sides, roles, incarnations. She has never been in such close contact with the inner world. She is lost in her own prints. The Petal likes her monotypes. Also, she has started splitting by them. Something completely new and unknown unfolds with her. How to live with all of it? Is there a guide in this incredible world?
Act Two "Splitting"The Petal dives deeper into the inner world. Recognizable forms and ideas about herself are split, changed and gradually disappear. The colorful background of monotypes turns into a pointillistic world of point personifications of The Petal.A guide or any other characters are missing. The Petal begins to melt and split in her own story. Will she be able to realize who she is? Where are her borders and how not to get lost in your own world?
Act Three "I am"All colors mix with each other, forming a black background. The renewed Petal emerges abruptly and openly. From the depths of the unconscious, she declares her presence in this world with a wide expansive gesture! It remains true to herself, retaining the original yellow color, but absorbs new knowledge - conscious prints and colorful dots.The renewed Petal shows us her character through texture, her borders and her confidence. She becomes a figure, not the background, who has known herself, the core and is not afraid of her shadows.She begins shining brightly in this world.
What fate awaits her in the next series? Do you feel the difference between Petal from the first Art Play “Finding” and today? What is happening to the Molecule at this time?


Art Play "Freedom", Part 2 

The heroes of the Art Play "Finding" fascinated me so much that I decided to continue their life story.
The Art Play "Freedom" is a reflection on freedom through leaving the comfort zone. The main characters - The Molecule and The Petal acquire new character traits, begin to open to the viewer from the other side. How the common story change the heroes? Will The Petal remain a passive voice or show the character? What is her reaction to the changes?
So, my second part of the lyrical Art Play is "Freedom" in three acts.
The characters:The August Petal of the Sunflower (The Petal) - female,The Molecule - a male, who investigate,Canvas - space,Colors, Shapes - the outside world
Act One "Comfort zone"
The Molecule and The Petal coexist in an ideal world of comfort. The Petal cares about the Molecule with kindness on all sides. The Molecule turns into a passive being.The world somehow exists.
Act Two "Discomfort zone"
At some point, the research principle awakens in the Molecule. His core moving him to change. The Molecule remembers that he is an active hero of his life. He begins to step out of the comfort zone, discovering the forgotten outside world. The Petal from the usual color of rest crimson with rage. Turns into a flame. It tries to keep the Molecule and the usual state of comfort with all his might.The world is constantly changing and somehow exists.
Act Three "Freedom"
The Molecule breaks out of the Petal "hugs" and finds the world again. His gaze goes in an unknown direction, but the thirst for adventure saturates and charges the movement forward and upward. The Molecule miraculously realizes that the world is much larger than the comfort zone. The Canvas increases.The Petals`s authoritarian monolith disintegrates. The Petal feels despair, resentment, aggression. Where does the Molecule go? Why does he leave? However, through the pain, the Petal perceives the collapse of the system as the rebirth, gaining freedom and the possibility of her own path.The world is constantly changing and somehow exists.


Art Play "Finding", Part 1 

I wondered why we are meeting with some people easily, no matter what, but with others not. And with those who "not", it is unknown why. They emerge and disappear in their abstract worlds, barely touching yours. Impossibility of feasibility.
I reflect on the history of the finding process and path on four canvases, which can be combined into polyptychs, diptychs, or just one painting. I choose two main characters - the August Petal of the Sunflower and the Molecule. I choose an abstract fictional world of colors and shapes and a path. I choose canvases from larger to smaller, as a metaphor for time, which is constantly decreasing.
So, my lyrical art play "Finding" in four acts.
The characters:The August Petal of the Sunflower (The Petal) - passive female expectation,The Molecule - a male, who is in the finding processCanvas - timeColors, Shapes - others

Act One "Got lost"
The Petal got lost in an unknown world, created from unknown Colors and Shapes. The Molecule lives in a comfort zone. He saw the Petal on the horizon. He decided to meet with her.
Act Two "Where Are You?"
The Molecule travels to the meeting but chooses the wrong way. He lost the Petal from the horizon. The Petal doesn't know about the existence of the Molecule and his path, so she remains behind the scenes.
Act Three "Where Am I?"
Time jump. Now the Molecule falls into a completely unknown world of unknown Shapes and Colors. The Molecule understands that the path turned out to be harder and longer than he expected. Frustration. Tension. A long journey provokes him to think "Where am I?", Not "Where are You?". Culmination. Does he need that Petal, a meeting and is it all worth the efforts? There is a meeting with himself.The Petal is still unaware of the existence of the Molecule. The Molecule is unaware that the Petal is nearby.The Petal is mimicring under the new conditions.The Canvas is decreasing.
Act Four "The End"
Through Percival's path, the Molecule finds himself among his own. The Petal through adaptation also finds herself among her own. However, the question of the meeting remains open: Do Petal and Molecule find each other or melt in a world of similarities? Does Petal know about the path and existence of the Molecule?However, the Canvas is decreasing.


"Identity" Series

In the series "Identity" I raise the issue of national identity, the personal position in modern Ukraine. I wonder what my place in this relationship with my country and what is happening in it. Currently, the series includes four paintings. I want to encourage viewers to ask themselves "uncomfortable" questions about the choice of their identity within Ukrainian society.
"Fire" is a metaphor for street resistance.
"Justice. Really?" is a reflection on justice, friendship and religiosity during the assassination attempt on Ukrainian activist Serhiy Sternenko. I've cut the court because it doesn't exist.
"Where is my home?" - thoughts about moving to another country, which is constantly emerging in our society.
"Where does the Dnieper river flow?" - an attempt to rethink Taras Shevchenko's famous poem "The mighty Dnieper". Also, I was trying to look at the river from a different angle, through the epochs of Ukrainian existence, mythology and archetypes.
The illusion of monumentalism - thoughts about the hard process of decommunisation in Ukraine.
The "Identity" series is under development.

"Covid Art" Series

Reflecting on my feelings and states during quarantine, I`ve chosen colors, lines and points. Because these are the simplest symbols of the transmission of the inner through the outer.
"Isolation - I choose bright colors to express all my feelings about social distance. Because it is a great time to look inside myself and do a lot of things, like self-education, meditation, yoga, reading, watching and thinking. Also, it is a time of frustration and being with your own shadows so close like never.What color am I choosing today?On the other side, this painting is about the social distance from other persons. We are trying to make hard borders with every person, who we are meeting now. The colors are our bodies. How are we filling it? 

"White" or "Early spring" was created on the first day of quarantine when spring had just begun. White canvas as a hope for a speedy recovery of the world and expectations of spring, black lines - young trees that are going to blossom.
"Black" - created a month after the beginning of quarantine, when were a lot of fires in Ukraine, and in Kyiv - a mad, pressing fire. The black inhomogeneous background is a symbol of the most horrific days of existence when the general situation of isolation is exacerbated by a gas smoke chamber. Blue lines are the remnants of hope that all will be well, yellows are frustrated prints of horror.
"Red" is my stress about continuing the quarantine. Yes, I knew it would continue, but the reality was that the tension and anxiety became stronger than my mind. Lots of blue lines on a red background is a way to overcome tension, a way to overcome my anxiety and get rid of it.
"Blue" is organic after Red. I felt more comfortable and relaxed. I felt my own pure, tenderness. This light blue color is about religion, sky, female, something new in my life. I see a field of flowers here also. This painting is the most romantic of all my artworks. 

"Madagascar" and "Iceland" Series

Madagascar is the antithesis of Iceland, the first series of textured landscapes and abstractions. It would seem that the same technique and materials have the same effect. But not. "Madagascar" has absorbed the warmth of the climate, the religiosity of the baobabs, the texture of meanings, the smoothness of thoughts and the aftertaste of the joy of everyday things. Unlike one of the richest, cleanest and happiest countries (Iceland), the dirty, cavey and poor island of Madagascar feels no less happy. Thanks to the value and gratitude of the simple: rice, a roof over your head, shoes on your feet.
Iceland is an isolated island country. It is closer to Greenland than to Europe. And this location is the best way to relax from people and get in touch with nature.Traveling through Iceland, I traveled deep inside myself. Every painting is an understanding of the sides of my soul. Each landscape is a piece of my history, insights, thoughts and experiences. This country has become an inevitable state for me.
Nature inspires, glorifies, calms and encourages pacification. That's why I wanted to portray it in 3D. This is something that goes beyond a simple drawing or contemplation. This is what fulfills.  
In my works, I used natural materials: coffee, dried flowers and grass, oat flakes, cereals, paper… Textures give sculpture to painting. They evoke a desire to get closer and learn more deeply what is hidden behind them. Maybe you will find something more for yourself there than just a picture.
However, "Madagascar", like "Iceland", is permeated for me by one life story - island loneliness.

"Nautical Abstractions" Series

The series "Nautical Abstractions" was painted during the year. The first was the picture "Circle", which is the personification of space and sea depths at the same time. I imagined that somewhere these two spaces intersect and depicted him.I dived. Where will the thought lead me in-depth? Feeling in-depth? Where and what does this depth look like when I travel with my own unconscious?
Through the path of meditation and contemplation in myself, I felt a touch of the sea world and its images. Thus arose the following paintings: "Fishes", "Corals", "Seahorse", "Jellyfish", "Small Fishes", "Red Carp". The leading color that unites all the paintings is a dark purple, dark blue background, as the color of the imagination and the unconscious."Fish" is my first flight in the depths of the interior. There appeared images of red carp, which are more related to Eastern culture (Japan, China). Why so? Apparently, we all have something in common, a kind of collective unconscious.
"Corals" - an attempt to find flowers in the water. Make corals something that you can put in a vase and contemplate.
"Seahorse" is a story about a hero who travels in his own sea world. It seems that we also see corals, but they already act more as scenery than figures.
"Jellyfish" - is a very intimate love story of two bodies that cease to exist somewhere in particular. That is why the background is like eternity and space. For both of them, time and space disappear.
"Small Fish" and "Red Carp" are fairy tales, naivety, a desire for miracles. It is about an inner child that lives and emerges in us. These are illustrations taken from a children's fairy tale. Not even paintings.

Other paintings

In the interior

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Certificate of Authenticity

When you buy my painting, you get Certificate of Authenticity. Every certificate is ● Unique - the style connected to the artwork● Laminated● Size A5 ● Has photo of artwork● Noticed name of the artwork, my name, size, materials, year of creation● Signed● Has date of buying

The Postcards

I made positive postcards with detail of my paintings. My paintings and I have a bright mood.
So I`ve done the pack of 5 postcards for different reasons:
💖I love you
💗with love
🥳happy birthday
🙏thank you
🤩you are amazing

I made the postcards with designer paper that has linen texture, like a canvas.
All these postcards are small artworks for me, that bring such energy as the large painting. You can feel it and share it with your friends, lovers, relatives, neighbors, colleagues,...

But do you need a reason to share the love with the world?

My exhibitions, awards, activities

  • Illustration

    2021 - Connect, Mykolaiv Art Week

    2021 - group exhibition "Connect". Paintings "Isolation", "Red" and "Black" were part of the show. You can find and order these paintings in the Gallery.

  • Illustration

    2021 - Nostalgia, Holy Art Gallery, London

    2021 - virtual group exhibition "Nostalgia". Paintings "The Lighthouse" and "The Mountain" were part of the show. You can find and order these paintings in the Gallery.

  • Illustration

    2021 - Textures, Creative Quarter (Astarta BC), Kyiv

    2021 - exhibition "Textures" in coworking Creative Quarter, Kyiv. It consists of "Iceland", "Madagascar" and "Nautical Abstractions" series. You can find and order these paintings in the Gallery.

  • Illustration

    2021 - online open call "Portraits", ArtJobs

    The paintings Abstract Adult and Abstract Child won the first prize in the online open call "Portraits" by ArtJobs.

  • Illustration

    2020 - online charity auction Breath, Ukraine

    I sold the painting "Fog" by an online charity auction "Breath" by Ukrainian Catholic University. All money went to the medical equipment.

  • Illustration

    2020 - Creative Quarter (Astarta BC), Kyiv

    I made huge background 200*300 cm for residents of coworking.

  • Illustration

    2020 - Artist Day, White World Gallery, Kyiv

    Autumn, 2020 - I won open call "Artist Day" by White World Gallery.

  • Illustration

    2020 - Textures, Soul cafe, Kyiv

    10.09-31.10, 2020 - exhibition "Textures" in Soul cafe, Kyiv. It consists of the "Madagascar" and "Iceland" series. You can find and order these paintings in the Gallery.

  • Illustration

    2020 - online Charity auction, Ukraine

    I sold the painting "Fire" by charity auction. All money went to the protests due to failed police reform in Ukraine.

  • Illustration

    2020 - Color, shape and lines, Creative Quarter (Astarta BC), Kyiv

    Summer-autumn, 2020 - exhibition "Color, shape and lines" in coworking Creative Quarter, Kyiv. It consists of "Covid Art", "Identity" and "Finding" series. You can find and order these paintings in the Gallery.

  • Illustration

    2020 - Nautical abstractions, medical centre Osoblyvyi, Kyiv

    6.08 - 6.11.2020 - exhibition "Nautical abstractions" in medical center Osoblyvyi, Kyiv. You can find and order these paintings in the Gallery.

  • Illustration

    2020 - Madagascar, Creative Quarter (Guliver BC), Kyiv

    Summer, 2020 - exhibition "Madagascar" in coworking Creative Quarter, Kyiv. You can find and order these paintings in the Gallery.

  • Illustration

    2020 - Nautical abstractions, Anthill Space, Kyiv

    Summer, 2020 - exhibition "Nautical abstractions" in coworking Anthill Space, Kyiv. You can find and order these paintings in the Gallery.

  • Illustration

    2020 - Covid Art, True Office, Kyiv

    Summer, 2020 - exhibition "Covid Art" in coworking True Office, Kyiv. You can find and order these paintings in the Gallery.

  • Illustration

    2020 - Easter open call, White World Gallery, Kyiv

    Spring, 2020 - I won the Easter open call by White World Gallery.

  • Illustration

    2019 - Iceland, Creative Quarter (Guliver BC), Kyiv

    Winter, 2019 - exhibition "Iceland" in IT-coworking Creative Quarter, Kyiv. You can find and order these paintings in the Gallery.


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