A Pumpkin, 2021, prints (1:10)
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A Pumpkin, 2021, prints (1:10)

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Drawing "A Pumpkin"

Here is my new mosaic vegetable "A pumpkin". Halloween is coming and i find in my memory a story.

I used to work at school as a psychologist and a tutor. It was October and parents wanted to organise Halloween party for their children at school. But it is forbidden to celebrate non-official dates in Ukrainian government educational system. So we made Pumpkin party, without horror part šŸŽƒ There were just colourful pumpkins and sweets. Kids were happy.

Halloween doesn't connect to Ukrainian culture, so share it in our schools is really stupid idea. We have mighty and deep own culture. But as for adults it is decision up to them to celebrate or not in their private life, like Valentine's Day or other west dates.

So i made "A pumpkin" drawing as a notification for myself about this thing, this story and with honour to Ukrainian farmers.

Ink, feather, micron pen on paper,
45*32 (A3),

The original was sold. Only limited edition prints are available (1:10). Ask about the availability and the price by email kotobrie@gmail.com

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