Mosaic, 2021, prints (1:10), A3
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Mosaic, 2021, prints (1:10), A3

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The drawing "Mosaic"

Sometimes i feel bad. Usually it depends on my own ups and downs, weather changes or war in Ukraine with russia on the East.

Anxiety is non-objectified fear. It means that i fear something, i am frustrated, but i don't know what exactly has made me afraid of. So i find a way how to work with it. I remembered one of the psychological techniques from the University ( i have a master's degree in psychology). It called Doodles by Winnicott.

I took a micron pen and for 15 minutes let the hand being itself and drawing doodles on paper. When i watched on my doodles, i watched on the anxiety. And non-objectified fear transformed into doodles.

I can interact with the anxiety when i see it. When i understand how it looks like. I took inks and started drawing mosaic. Every step i have shotted and every step was a new level of being in touch with a part of me. It is a very important thing to be in touch with all my parts and feelings. It makes me full of life.

Micron pen, ink on paper,
45*32 (A3),

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