8 years, 2022, ink on paper, 32*45 cm
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8 years, 2022, ink on paper, 32*45 cm

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8 years

Someone’s thinks that russia attacked Ukraine a month ago. But not. Our war continues from 2014. It’s 8 years

We have 8years children who live all their life with a war.

We have teens who dream to fight for our freedom now, because they couldn’t do it in 2014. They were too young for it.

We have youth who was children when the war has started. Now they are our soldiers.

We have old people who remember German nazi and now are dying because of russian nazi.

8 years

I just want to show you and pay attention to these dates in Ukrainian and global history.

This war must be stopped this year.

The painting was made during the Druskininkai art residency, Lithuania, 2022
The painting was showcased on the solo exhibition "Passion to Live or Fear to Die", Sugihara House, Kaunas, Lithuania, 2022

Ink, gel pen, feather on paper,
32*45 (A3),

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