Broken ornament, 2022, Oil on canvas, 100*80 cm
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Broken ornament, 2022, Oil on canvas, 100*80 cm

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Broken ornament

In the project “Ornaments” I research colours and ornaments. How the colour of the background influences the colour of the ornament. How they are connected to each other, in what feelings a viewer can be involved by colours. Also, an ornament is a traditional national art in each country. I am trying to be closer to Ukraine through my paintings.

The "Broken ornament" painting transfers broken inner feelings, when I don`t have the energy to share a positive view on life and my culture. After this painting, I started the new Series "Dichotomies".

The painting was made during the Druskininkai art residency, Lithuania, 2022

Broken ornament, 2022
Oil on canvas,
100*80 cm,

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