Mosaic-2, 2021, ink on paper, 45*32 cm
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Mosaic-2, 2021, ink on paper, 45*32 cm

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The drawing "Mosaic-2"

After the "Mosaic" drawing, full of transformation anxiety into inspiration, I decided to make a lovely, sweetheart drawing. As an opposite to a previous feeling.

I used the same art therapy technique - Doodles by Winnicott. But with a small nuance. I was drawing doodles with the left hand. But only doodles. Then I drew with a right hand. I was interested in discovering how will change a context if I change a hand. Will it be the same Mosaic? Will it become a similar picture to the previous one?

Now I see that in this drawing more red colours. It is more abstract and mysterious, and the dynamic goes on the left side of the picture. Blue and light red colours are always about romantic love. But I don`t feel the picture is naive. I feel that naive combines with exciting accents.

I made it more abstract because I wanted to transfer how parts of my cute existence flow in the bright world. They slowly fly like leaves from a tree. And they are mixing with each other.

Micron pen, ink on paper,
45*32 (A3),

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