Pack of 5 postcards "For different reasons"
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Pack of 5 postcards "For different reasons"

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Pack of 5 postcards "For different reasons"

I made positive postcards with detail of my paintings. My paintings and I have a bright mood.

So I`ve done the pack of 5 postcards for different reasons:
💖I love you
💗with love
🥳happy birthday
🙏thank you
🤩you are amazing

I made the postcards with designer paper that has linen texture, like a canvas.

All these postcards are small artworks for me, that bring such energy as the large painting. You can feel it and share it with your friends, lovers, relatives, neighbors, colleagues,...

But do you need a reason to share the love with the world?

148*105 mm,
linen paper,

1 postcard - 1,5 $/€
5 postcards - 7 $/€
10 postcards - 13 $/€
20 postcards - 24 $/€

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