A Pear, 2021, ink on paper, 45*32 cm
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A Pear, 2021, ink on paper, 45*32 cm

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A Pear

I took part in a local art market. You can read and watch photos in my previous post about it. Before I started to prepare for the event, I had decided to draw simple themes. I chose fruit. I thought it gonna be an easy non-metaphysical theme, without any additional meanings. But not -)

Easy themes are not for me.

While I was drawing "A Pear" I thought about a farmer who raises his plants. In this case, the artist is similar to the farmer. Because I can`t make my own pear with a few brush strokes in few minutes in this technique. It is a long and monotonic work for a few days.

The artist, like a farmer, raises an artwork with every line, doodle, or a new color. And even when I didn`t draw, I thought and looked on it. I was talking with a drawing and asking what it want. How could I improve it being? What could I do to help my pear become the most beautiful?

Do you talk to your artworks/ plants? What do they answer you?

Ink, feather, micron pen on paper,
45*32 (A3),

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