Self-Portrait: Abstract Adult, 2020, Oil on canvas, 100*80 cm
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Self-Portrait: Abstract Adult, 2020, Oil on canvas, 100*80 cm

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Self-Portrait: Abstract Adult

This is my first portrait.

I was talking with my mom and making some abstract sketch with The Petal and The Molecule. In a few minutes, I had found, that I had done the portrait. So I named it Self portrait: The Abstract Adult.

I remembered the theory of 3 person's roles by Eric Bern: Adult, Child, and Parent. So I made 3 Self-portraits

Today I introduce you my Abstract Adult, which:
● works on the computer,
● achieves goals
● decides which way to go in life,
● separates garbage,
● knows how to cook and wash the pan,
● meditates
● self-developing,
● reflects,
● manages finances,
● reads books
● thinks critically
● has a civil position,
● has her own opinion
, .. and so on.

What kind of Adult do you have? Do you know him and how do you feel about him? Do you like him? Do you love and accept him?

Oil on canvas,
100*80 cm,

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