Self-Portrait: Superego, 2021, Oil on canvas, 100*80 cm
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Self-Portrait: Superego, 2021, Oil on canvas, 100*80 cm

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Self-portrait: Superego 🧐

Superego is a controller part of a personality. Superego control Id's impulses. Superego are moral, taboos, dogmas, traditions, social norms, forbidden sexual energy (sex, aggressive behaviour). It is also about God and parents in the head, self-ideal . So if Id is a devil, Superego is an angel in white clothes, who produce guilty, anxiety and "normal behaviour".

I chose black with red colours for Superego self portrait because sometimes i feel this war between Id and Superego inside of me. The mouth which are talking a lot, even if it closed. I am always not good enough for Superego.

I want to crush old values and built the new one. My own citadel. Because i am an artist and a creating is realized when the ruins fall. Lots of work .

Oil on canvas,
100*80 cm,

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