The Dune. Nida, 2022, ink on paper, 32*45 cm
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The Dune. Nida, 2022, ink on paper, 32*45 cm

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The Dune. Nida

I've been to Nida Dune. I decided to create an artwork in honour to this beautiful sightseeing.

Nature is so true and reach. Each time i pay attention to its colours and my feelings. It was hot and cold in one time. Hot such as eternity sands and cold, because of cloudy whether.

It’s πŸ’― what i have been feeling these times. Duality of states, emotions and news.

I wanted to transfer this inner dichotomy by warm and cold colours. The finish gold ink helps me with it. You can watch on the artwork on the different angles and found different meanings. It can be warm and sunny, it can be calm, it can be curly and transcendental. It depends on your own feeling.

A perfect work.

The painting was made during the Druskininkai art residency, Lithuania, 2022

Ink, golden ink, gel pen, feather on paper,
32*45 (A3),

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