The Flag, 2022, ink on paper, 32*45 cm
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The Flag, 2022, ink on paper, 32*45 cm

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The Flag

I started drawing this artwork when I was in Kyiv. The nervous doodles had to be an art therapy for me. But it wasn’t. Every hour or more I had to run in a bomb shelter. And my emotional status became only worse each time. I felt aggression, anxiety, and fear. I could do nothing. Even draw.

I took almost all my paper drawings to Lithuania. I also took this one to finish it.

I Imagine that my flag is still unity. I wanted to express sharp feelings by this drawing, like a broken glass of a window. Each window that has been destroyed by russian army was a Ukrainian window.

Ukrainian window of a museum
Ukrainian window of an apartment
Ukrainian window of a hospital, a school, a government building, a house…

The painting was made in the first week of full-scale war under a bomb attack on Kyiv, 2022
The painting was showcased on the solo exhibition "Passion to Live or Fear to Die", Sugihara House, Kaunas, Lithuania, 2022

Ink, gel pen, feather on paper,
32*45 (A3),

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