Yi, 2022, ink on paper, 45*32 cm
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Yi, 2022, ink on paper, 45*32 cm

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Ї/ Yi

Letter «Ї» is a Ukrainian special letter that spells like [Yi]. You can find it only in the Ukrainian language.

We have it in our the most lovely word - Ukraine 🇺🇦 (Україна). Also, the capital of Ukraine has this letter - Kyiv (Київ). So I have at list two reasons for drawing it.

I’ve chosen the forested type. I live now near the forest and each day I see a lot of trees. It calms me. I tried to transfer these calm feelings to you.

The letter became also a fairytale letter with these funny alien eyes 👁

I want to believe in a light that wins a dark. I believe in a Happy End of our war story.

Ink, gel pen, feather on paper,
45*32 (A3),

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